How the Recent Election Result May Impact the Value of Your Company…

Now that we know Donald Trump will lead THE UNITED STATES for the next 4 years, please see how some of his proposed changes may affect the value of your company. VIEW THE DETAILS HERE

There are TWO impending critical issues every business owner should consider when planning an exit or growth strategy.

1- Market conditions that effect how much a business owner can get for his or her business
2- Taxes impacting the amount that business owners get to keep upon the successful sale of his or her business

After spending significant time and money to build a quality business, it is important to make sure that you get the most value when you decide to sell all or a portion of the company. The two issues above are very important to keep in mind during the preparation process.

Read more about what these changes mean to your exit or growth strategy and how they may affect your company’s value by following the link below:


Or to learn more please call Sam Smoot directly at (813) 898-2356.

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